Novelist Toni Morrison Has Died at 88

The world is mourning the loss of fame novelist Toni Morrison. According to her publisher, Morrison passed away on Monday night, she was 88 years old.

Morrison was best known for her best selling and critically acclaimed novel Beloved, which won the 1988 Pulitzer prize. Morrison also became the first African American woman to win a Nobel Prize in Literature.

Some of Morrison’s other works of literature includes Jazz (1992), Paradise (1997), Home (2012), and God Help the Child (2015). Toni Morrison broke barriers for many others to come along and she wrote through her toughest times.

As reported by Vulture, in 2010, she wrote about the death of her son “I stopped writing until I began to think, he would be really put out if he thought that he had caused me to stop.”

During the end of her Nobel Prize speech, Morrison ended with these words, “We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.”

Rest In Peace Ms. Toni Morrison.

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