Salute to These Bosses on #NationalBossDay

The word BOSS is defined as a person who is in control of their own things. Whether it is an organization, a business, or life itself, they run it don’t let anyone stop them. Being a boss isn’t though. It comes with a lot of hard work, time, commitment, and dedication. In honor of #NationalBossDay, here are a few bosses who are currently killing it, respectively.

L’Oreal Luchi:

L'Oreal Luchi wearing a black shirt with white writing
Photo Cred: L’Oreal Luchi

L’Oreal Luchi is an up and coming entertainment personality who brings a sense of uniqueness to her craft. Luchi currently has her own show, where she has interviewed different artists and TV personalities such as singer Nivea, young dancer Ty Cash, ‘Love and Hip-Hop star Tiffany Campbell and many more. You can check out all of her stuff on her website at

Kishawna Faulkner:

Kishawna Faulkner wearing white and blue
Photo Cred: Kishawna Faulkner

Kishawna Faulkner is the epitome of a boss. A career woman, mother of two and a wife, Faulkner has to wears a lot of hats. With all of that on her plate, she still found the time to start and run her own business; R.O.A.D.S. Her company stands for Reaching Our Aspirations, Dreams, and Success, in which she plans events for other up and coming entrepreneurs make a name for themselves. Faulkner recently put together a fashion show that only showcased aspiring fashion designers. Faulkner can be found on Instagram @r.o.a.dsuccess and @roadssuccess

Korey Browne:

Korey Browne wearing All Orange
Photo Cred: Instagram @heartofalion_us

Korey Browne has been creating quite a buzz for himself in the fashion world. The founder and owner of Heart of Lion clothing line, has brought a unique style to his clothing brand, by putting his signature lion head on all of the pieces of clothing. This clothing line includes pieces for the entire family. Visit for more. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter @Heartofalion_us.

Ayanna Prescod:

Ayanna Prescod wearing a white top and black leggings
Photo Cred: Ayanna Prescod

Ayanna Prescod is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of OurBKSocial. If you don’t know, OurBKSOcial is one of Brooklyn’s biggest digital magazines. Since being founded in 2012, Prescod has been on a non-stop climb to the top by bringing out the positive side of Brooklyn as a whole. She, along with her staff, makes sure that the site provides a little bit of everything that goes on in Brooklyn to its readers. Check it out for yourself at Also, follow @ourbksocial on Twitter and Instagram. Prescod is breaking barriers and paving the way for young girls to follow in her footsteps.

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