Kishawna Faulkner, Budding Entrepreneur Focuses on Helping Others.

Have you ever heard of the saying,”it’s better to give than to receive?”, well for Kishawna Faulkner, this more than a saying to her, it’s her mantra.

Kishawna Faulkner, a Brooklyn native, states that she loves helping others in a positive way. Wanting to more than she does, she decided to brand herself as an entrepreneur and in doing so, she came up with the company, R.O.A.D.S.

Kishawna Faulkner wearing a yellow shirt, a blue and yellow skirt, holding flowers and a microphone.
Event Planner, Kishawna Faulkner. Pic Cred| Tiana Palmer/Complex Visuals

R.O.A.D.S, which stands for Reaching Our Aspirations Dreams and Success, is an organization that plans events for up and coming entrepreneurs.

Since the start of this company in March 2018, Faulkner has put together pop-up shops, bar-be-ques, and baby showers. Her biggest event to date, took place this past Saturday, August 18th, 2018 in Bushwick at 100 Bogart Street. She put together a fashion show that featured only up and coming fashion designers.

The show had a total of five designers, including Anisupe Clothing, RSC, and Heart of a Lion. It also showcased models from kids to teenagers to adults.

Jonathan wearing red and white suit.
Model Jonathan Hinds wear RSC. Pic Cred|Tiana Palmer/Complex Visuals
Young female wearing black and red shorts suit
Young Female Model wearing Heart of a Lion. Pic Cred|Tiana Palmer/Complex Visuals

The Kids wearing Heart of a Lion. Pic Cred|Tiana Palmer/Complex Visuals

The show also included a phenomenal dance break by the dance duo Olasheni Emonni Odey.

Two female dancers wearing red and white stripe shirts and black pants
OEO Dance Break Pic Cred| Tiana Palmer/Complex Visuals

There was also a musical performance by up and coming artist Yung Quinc.

Yung Quinc wearing Black and Red Heart of a Lion Sweatsuit
Yung Quinc Pic Cred| Tiana Palmer/Complex Visuals

For many of the designers, this was their first fashion show and there was a mix of emotions running through their minds from beginning to end.

“It was very eventful. At first, it was nervewracking, not knowing what to expect,” said Korey Browne, owner of Heart of A Lion. He continued ” I think after going through it the first time, I think that the other venues are just going to be better and better. Seeing the reception that they {guests} were so interested and wanting to know more about the line, it encouraged me to keep pushing forward.”

“I feel like it was a huge success. I plan on doing a lot more fashion shows, and pop-up shops and other events down the line because today was a success and it shows what I can do with my clothing brand”, said Robert Henry, founder, and president of Anisupe Clothing.

Faulkner also shared how she felt about the show. “I feel like I can breathe. I can smile now, I can laugh with everyone, I’m relaxed everything went well. All of the stress, frustrations, and tears were all worth it”. She continued, “I learned that you always have to have a back up for your back up”.

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