Unapologetically Dope: Urina Harrell

Owner of Vox Pop Branding

Urina Harrell, a successful business owner, is making a name for herself in the entrepreneurial world. At the age of 19, in 2013, Harrell started her own market branding company called Vox Pop Branding based in California. Vox Pop means “Voice of the People,” and it is a company that market branding for small and non-profit businesses.

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“I started Vox Pop because I found a love for marketing,” she said, “I didn’t see a lot of marketing firms doing what I wanted to do in serving small businesses”.
Harrell started Vox Pop Branding as a DBA (doing business as) because of her athletic status while at Duke University. This was because, according to the NCAA, she was considered to be a professional athlete. With the start of the DBA, it became easy for her to earn income while still in school.

At the start of her business venture, Harrell recalled that her focus was on the clients more than the business. “My first instincts were to get as many clients as possible.” She quickly learned, as all new business owners do, that it is best to focus on small increments of the business first, “I decided to focus on the customer’s happiness and move on from there.”

Urina Harrell started managing many of her clients’ social media account for free. She quickly learned that she should start charging for her services because she was really good at what she does. “I started charging $100 a month for social media management”, she said.

With the success of being a social media manager for various companies, it helped grow her brand into what it is today. The now 24-year-old has market branding for clients in New Jersey, Atlanta, Las Vegas, California, Washington D.C.and the United Kingdom. She also offers free consultations.

Advice from Harrell is “It takes a lot of people of five years to actually live off of their business.”

Follow Harrell on social media Twitter: @brandmevoxpop, Facebook: VoxPopBranding, Instagram: @vox.pop.branding, Youtube: VoxPopBranding and LinkedIn: Vox Pop Branding.

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