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If you haven’t heard the name Johnny Flash before, don’t worry you will soon.

Flash, who receive his nickname from his peers, is an established photographer and a senior at the University of Albany. Flash is currently majoring in communications with a minor in journalism has dreams and goals to one day give people a platform to showcase and talk about their own dreams, aspirations,and talent.

Flash,whose real name is John Onanuga, is of Nigerian and Liberian descent and has always believed that he had a special gift of using his voice for the greater good. The Queens native, 21, decided to put together a talk show that would be influential to the youth, called BehindtheFlash, making him the youngest black male talk show host thus far.

“One of main reasons for starting this talk show, is because I don’t think the youth in today’s generation get enough credit for the accomplishments that they do,” he said. “The purpose of my talk show is to give creatives and influential people in today’s age a chance to talk about their craft and how they got the position that they are in today.”

Flash started this show in January, shoots, edit, and produces all of the segments. Due this show, he is able to give people the platform to talk about their brand and their plan to move forward and grow. His guest has included Anthony Telford, the creator of C.L.U.E clothing brand, Michael Wade, a host of talent shows, fashion shows and parties, and Jerlisa Fontaine, the first black woman to be president of UAlbany’s Student Association.

Johnny Flash and Anthony Telford, creator of C.L.U.E| Pic Cred via Johnny Flash

The show is broadcasted on YouTube and has accumulated over 600 views altogether thus far. Stay tuned to see what Flash comes up with next.

Behind the Flash Episode 2.

Behind the Flash Episode 3.

Behind The Flash Logo | Pic Cred via Johnny Flash

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