Change of Plans: Chris Jericho will Replace Rusev in Match Against The Undertaker at Greatest Royal Rumble

Pic Cred @WWE via Twitter

Yesterday, it was reported that The Bulgarian Brute,Rusev, will be in a Casket Match against the Phenom,The Undertaker, there has now been a change of plans. In a turn of events, WWE has announced that Chris Jericho will now replace Rusev in this highly anticipated match, thanks to Lana, Rusev’s wife.
The Ravising Russian tweeted her thoughts on this match.

Chris Jericho and The Undertaker are no strangers to each other inside the squared circle. Jericho has a pretty long resume with extensive matches on it but this will be his first casket match. This match is usually in favor of The Undertaker and it consists of putting your opponent into an open casket and closing the lid in order to win.
Who do you think will this epic match? The best way to find out is to watch The Greatest Royal Rumble live from Saudi Arabia on Friday, April 27th, 2018 at 7pm. Streaming of this event will begin at 12pm Eastern time on the WWE app with the kick-off show starting at 11am.

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