Black Girl Podcast Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary! 

Pic Cred via Twitter @BGP (Left to Right) Gia Peppers, Rebecca, Sapphira,Alysha P, and Scottie Beam

It is truly amazing to see how much success you can gain in just one year. On December 22nd,2016, a group of five young, black and beautiful women started The Black Girl Podcast, which was derived from a simple conversation in hallways of Hot 97’s radio station. This podcast would quickly change the standard for future podcasts to come. Sapphira Em, Rebecca, Alysha P, Scottie Beam, and Gia Peppers are the voices behind the mics and they don’t hold back.
Over the past year, all of these ladies shared and unpacked a lot of themselves which resonates with their listeners and fans everywhere. There were moments where you laughed with them, cried with them, wanted to fight for them but most importantly you were able to relate to them. Each woman brings something to the table that we as a black community usually take for granted.
These women came together and gave a new meaning to being Black AF, and we are all here for it. If you have ever listened to their podcast, you will know that they are pro-black all the time and not afraid to express it. BCP is not only a group of friends but they are a sisterhood that you need in your life to uplift you when you’re feeling down like Sapphira, to pray for and with you like Gia, and to keep you motivated to keep going even when you don’t believe in yourself to do so like Alysha, to give you words of wisdom like Rebecca, or to make sure that you are always good like Scottie. Although we as fans and listeners may have that, we don’t appreciate it as we should, but these ladies will help you to start doing so with your own group of friends.
In honor of making a year and being very successful at it, the ladies decided to have an anniversary party, where they invited their friends and fans to join them. The party was held on Thursday, December 21st, 2017, at VNYL at 100 3rd ave in Manhattan. All of the ladies expressed their gratitude, love, and support to those in attendance and so also mingled, danced, and took pictures with whoever wanted one. They even had a few surprises that came to show them love like Ebro of Hot 97’s morning show, along with Peter Rosenberg and DJ Enuff.
Partying in a room full of melanin, in support of this fabulous young ladies, gives you a sense of hope that anything you put your mind to and if you work hard for it, it will be possible to achieve. Congratulations ladies on a successful year of Black Girl Podcast, we are all here rooting for your success for many years to come.

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