WWE Continues to Make History!

WWE is the most successful wrestling entity ever! With its constant growth throughout the business, sometimes you have to think, “What’s next for this business?” Well, that question has been answered. While on tour in India, COO Triple H has signed the first Kuwaiti male wrestler, Nasser Jamal Alruwayeh and the first Arab female wrestler, Shadia Bseiso to WWE.
To make things even better, for the first time ever the first women’s match was held between Sasha Banks and the current WWE Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss. Afterwards, an emotional Banks expressed her gratitude for being able to perform at her best in front of a crowd where it has never happened before. The beautiful message can be seen here.

Triple H was also in action twice during this tour. The first match he went against the current International Champion and fellow Shield member, Roman Reigns for the championship. Although he lost to Reigns, the COO still showed his respect to the champ and to the members of The Shield. Triple H with Shield Members; Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.
The second match was against India’s own Jinder Mahal in which Triple H won but also showed a great deal of respect for after the match was over. On WWE’s Twitter page, Triple H informs Mahal that he has earned his respect after their match. The night concluded with Triple H and the Singh brothers doing a traditional Bollywood dance and a pedigree. Take a look here.

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