Revamped and Ready

Today, I decided to revamp my page. I found that I have so much more to write about than just music. Although I love music and all, it wasn’t as fulfilling to me as I thought it would be and I sometimes felt stuck. It took me a long time to come to terms of revamping this site and here’s why; 1) I have been promoting my then music blog for quite some time and really wanted people to support and help it grow. 2) I was afraid of change. I know that change can be a good, even a great thing, but it was something I wasn’t ready to commit too. And 3) I was thinking if I was going to have the time to re-work all of this, plus keep up with my school work at Columbia. Being a graduate student isn’t easy but I know that it will be worth it when its over and I walk across that stage and accept my degree.
Another reason why I decided to revamp this site was because of my truth, discovering it and living in it. In a recent panel that was held at my school,called “Reclaiming Our Time”,the all female panelists of color spoke about how you have to hone your craft and don’t let anyone take it from you. I was inspired by how unapologetic, resilient, and strong they all are and how being that helped them shape their careers as the prominent journalists that they are today.
Being in an environment that promotes objectivity as a slogan, it’s kind of hard to find your voice, your creativity, and yourself. But I won’t let that deter me from being great. In the words of Jay-Z “Just let me be great!”, and Great is what I will be starting with this site.
I am super happy that I have decided to move forward with this change and there will be no looking back from this point on. So please stay tuned for the things that I have in store for all of you and hit that subscribe button for the latest updates. Can’t wait to share this journey with all of you.

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