Discovering Dopeness: Tobias Ellehammer

Pic Cred: @tobiasellehammer via Instagram

There has clearly been a lot of dopeness that has been taking place in the world of music lately and another discovery has been made with special thanks to Facebook.  While doing the usual scrolling, I came across this page called DanceFloor and on it, I saw the most beautiful thing ever… a dance tribute to the late Michael Jackson by Tobias Ellehammer.

Tobias Ellehammer, a young dancer/ choreographer from Copenhagen, Denmark, first burst onto the dancing scene when his dance video to Janet Jackson’s song “BurnItUp” went viral on YouTube. Now Ellehammer is taking the world by storm with his dance tributes and fantastic moves.
In the dance tribute video, Ellehammer recreated the classic Michael Jackson hit song, “Black and White” with the same message as the King of Pop but with a twist. As we all know, Jackson’s “Black or White” song and the video speaks about equality for all, so Ellehammer decided to honor his message and Jackson with a dance routine that captivates the message in the song perfectly.
Tobias Ellehammer took his talents to blend with other dancers from other countries to make an unforgettable statement that is heavily needed within today’s society. See for yourself how amazing this routine is. The King of Pop would be proud.

Tobias Ellehammer: Black or White


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