Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Pays Tribute to Bob Marley 

Bob Marley is undeniably one of the best, if not the best, Reggae artists to have ever live. During his time, Marley always spread the word of positivity, love, and happiness. Known for many of his songs such as “Three Little Birds”, “Get Up, Stand Up”, and “One Love”, Bob Marley will forever be the epitome of ‘Good Vibes’ and to honor that, ice cream company, Ben and Jerry’s has dedicated an ice cream flavor to him. 

The new flavor, respectfully named, “One Love”, is made up of Banana Ice cream with caramel and Graham cracker swirl and fudge peace signs. 
As amazing as that sounds, its gets better. When you purchase this particular ice cream flavor proceeds from the sales will go to the One Love Youth Camp in Jamaica, a youth empowerment group focused on music and culture for the children. Check out where you can purchase your ice cream. 

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