Discovering Dopeness: Mercy

There’s a sense of joy of being able to discover new things when it comes to music and everything that falls under that umbrella. A few weeks ago, a new discovery came to me at an all women showcase and her name is Mercy. For many of you who don’t know who Mercy is, Mercy is a phenomenal dancer who uses different styles of dance to express herself and share her story with others. 

Photo Cred via Mercy

Mercy has been dancing for years but after an unforseen incident that took place in her life, the dancer decided to channel that into her art. In 2015, Mercy fell victim to domestic violence where she suffered from a concussion given to her by her partner/dance instructor during a physical altercation. Although was she beaten, she was not broken. Mercy decided to turn her tradegy into triumph as she became a voice for other women who are victims of domestic violence. Mercy is now a woman’s advocate for domestic violence and she also created two very important parts of her company that other women can benefit from.
The first part is a One Woman Show entitled The Rebirth of  Mercy, where she displays her creativity as a freestyle dancer and transforms it into an art form. The second part The Rebirth of A Woman, is a monthly women empowerment circle that focuses on topics that will help women discover a better version of themselves as well as helping them stay true to themselves. Mercy has also launched a bi- weekly women empowerment summer intensive segment on WMVR Radio, also entitled The Rebirth of A Woman. The first segment took place on May 10th,2017. When Mercy isn’t performing, she is visiting different schools within the Bronx area, speaking to the kids about ways that they can overcome their obstacles within the arts. 

Photo Cred via Mercy

Mercy as a dancer, performer, and a woman is an inspiration to many girls and women. She is making her mark in a male-dominated world of dance and is using her trials and tribulations as way to rise above everything she has endured in her life. Check out Mercy and her artistry right here.

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