Xscape Announces Reunion! 

Pic via Twitter @gripmagazine

The music gods have answered our prayers; Xscape has finally reunited! The 90s R&B girl group, made up of Kandi, Tiny, and sisters Tameka and LaTocha, had an unbelievable impact on the shape of R&B today, paving the way for many R&B groups who came after them.

The group formed in 1992 and was discovered at a birthday party for producer Jermaine Dupri in Atlanta and from there the hits started rolling in. Although the group had a good reign and could’ve kept going, they essentially broke up due to a feud between Tiny and Kandi. It has been 18 years since the group has been seen together, and with the feud behind them, Tiny and Kandi made the huge announcement on Big Tigger’s radio show V103, saying that they were ready to roll. Latocha took her instagram to confirm the announcement.

Pic via Instagram @iamlatocha

We can’t wait to see what this group has in store for their fans!

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