Getting to Know: Juriel Alexander

There’s a saying that goes; Good music doesn’t have an expiration date” and in the case of Juriel Alexander that saying is valid. The discovery of Juriel Alexander happened via SoundCloud and it was an amazing discovery.

Pic via Juriel Alexander

Alexander’s music has a sound that is timeless and he credits his upbringing for it. Growing up in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn at a time where it wasn’t the safest of neighborhoods, Alexander knew at an early age that singing would be his way out of what his neighborhood had to offer. 

Pic via Juriel Alexander

Juriel Alexander credits his grandmother for his start with singing becahse at the age of three she brough him a karaoke machine and from that point his love for music began.
Later on, Juriel would start a group with his brother for a few years before going solo. In 2016, Juriel Alexander released his first mixtape Only the Beginning where he does amazing remixes of Future’s “Purple Rain”, Drake’s “Controlla”, Desiigner’s “Panda” and more. You can listen to this amazing artist on SoundCloud, click the link below, starting a personal favorite.

Listen to Purple Reign Remix by Juriel Alexander #np on #SoundCloud

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