Discovering Dopeness: DJ Taela Naomi

Today was an experience like no other. Attending the Poetic Justice: Speaking Their Name, at the Brooklyn Museum, in honor of the late, great Dr. Maya Angelou, you would expect a show full of poets speaking the utmost set of powerful words that resonates with the audience in more ways than one. Essentially, that’s what happened, but it wasn’t just the poets who captivated the audience, it was also the guest DJ of the night; Taela Naomi.


Pic via Facebook @TaelaNaomi 


Being that this is a site that covers all aspects of music, DJing is an aspect that should not be forgotten about and witnessing Taela Naomi tonight brought that perspective to the light. The award winning DJ had the crowd rocking out to all kinds of songs, songs that you won’t hear most DJs play in their regular. From mixing in between James Brown, Beyonce, and Solange to switching to afrobeat then on to the politically charged songs like Public Enemy’s Fight the Power, Michael Jackson’s They Don’t Really Care About Us,  and more. There was not one person sitting still in tonight’s event. The event alone was something powerful, unmatched and just something that you had witnessed in person, but the music was the thing that stood out the most. It was stated at the event by Debra Pointer, the founder of Def Poetry Jam, that DJ Taela Naomi had one request before going to it, which was she wanted to get crazy, and that she did. Naomi not only brought her talent to this epic event but also her art and passion that is DJing.  Find out what other events DJ Taela Naomi will be at right here, it will be something you wouldn’t want to miss.

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