Diddy Becomes First Billionaire in HipHop

Pic via Twitter @diddy

A huge congratulations are in order to the man himself, Diddy. The hip-hop mogul had big news to share and he took it to YouTube to do so. In the 45 second video, you can see Diddy sitting at the kitchen table, being so inviting to his guests  (the viewers), as he is about to enjoy his meal. After have a few bites, Diddy quickly gets dressed and moves to his office where he makes his special announcement “A young boy from Harlem, I couldn’t even be a waiter. They didn’t want me to be a waiter, so you know what I did? I became a Billionaire”! That’s right, the multi-year winning mogul is officially a Billionaire, making him the first ever Billionaire in hip-hop. Check out his huge announcement below.

Diddy: “I became a Billionaire”

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