Artist on the Rise: The Silent Celeb

True R&B is back and it’s being presented by an artist on the rise; The Silent Celeb. The Silent Celeb or Silent is that true definition of bringing that old school R&B vibe to the new school R&B Era. The singer, who hails from the Bronx, NY, first introduced to many, including myself, during the first years of The Dean’s List and No Boys Allowed tours. Although many thought that she was a rapper, but surprised everyone when she started singing and singing songs that many people of this generation can relate too. Since her introduction, Silent has been traveling to different cities and states trying to get herself put out there in the music industry, even though it wasn’t easy. Despite what the critics thought about her as an artist, as a singer and as a female, she managed to overcome those barriers and in doing so she recently released a six song project entitled The Silent Celeb Project. 

Since the release of this six song project it has become the highlight of the underground music world and on social media as well. Each song on this project will effect each listener differently because of the message that each song possess. From Quote Me that talks about a scenario that we all have been in one time or another, finally speaking to that special someone that you have been crushing on for a long time, to Good Music, where Silent expresses her frustration about the challenges that she faces everyday trying to make it in the music industry. Each song will have its listeners blown away. If you don’t believe me, listen for yourself. This project is just the beginning for this budding artist.

The Silent Celebrity Project 

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