New Video Alert: Retrospect by Cocoa Sarai


Pic via Twitter @cocoasarai

Cocoa Sarai has released the video for her latest song Retrospect and this one is for the ladies. If you have been following Cocoa Sarai since she burst onto the music scene, then you know that she sings about the highs and lows that every relationship goes through. In her latest single and video for Retrospect,  Sarai digs a little deeper as she tries to figure how did she get to a point in her life where she can’t seem to move on from her former love. In the song, you hear her asking “why is am I here, why did I pick up this phone?” Now how many of us can relate to being in this situation at least once or twice before? This song speaks on the issues that many of people deal with after breaking up with the love of their life,  best friend. Cocoa Sarai is definitely making an even bigger name for herself as she speaks the truth on relationship woes. Check out Cocoa Sarai’s latest video for Retrospect and see if it speaks to your soul.

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