Aidonia Granted Work Visa and Plans US Tour.


Pic Via Twitter @Jamrockone

It’s been six long years since Jamaican artist, Aidonia has been in US, and fans since then have been waiting for the news for when the singer will be allowed back in the United States. Well the wait is finally over, via his wife Instagram post, the Dancehall artist received his visa and is planning a US tour. When asked how he felt about getting his work visa and being able to tour in the US again, Aidonia response was “It’s a great feeling and a blessing! Words can’t even explain how mi feel,” Aidonia said. “It’s been a sombre time for the team since the death of Doukie, but this just come like a blessing right now” via


Aidonia is currently working on some promo tour dates before he starts headlining his tour. I hope that the US is ready for what this man has in store. This is going to be one of the most anticipated tours of 2016.
Here is one of the songs to expect to from the deejay during his tour. Enjoy.

Aidonia: Nuh Boring Gyal

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