Recap of Daze 5 Day Spring Break Summit Presented By Scott Morris

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When you hear the name Scott Morris, a few words come to mind; innovative, talented, courageous, leadership, etc. the list goes on and on but the best word to describe him would be humble. Since his freshman year of college, Morris has had a vision of helping others in a way that would matter to the world. He came up with the idea of showcasing the talent of performers in the underground world, becoming an inspiration to the youth not only in his neighborhood but to youth across the country. Once his mind was set, Morris has created the now successful No Boys Allowed and the Dean’s List Tour, which have reach a peak of success that speaks volumes but that hasn’t stopped him from doing more. This past Spring Break was anything but a break for the legend in the making.  Scott Morris and his team decided to focus their attention on the children of tomorrow, high school students. In doing so, a special 5 day event entitled Daze 5 Day Spring Break Summit was born.
Daze is a fund raising event, where friends, family and supporters donated to help Morris create a scholarship program where a lucky high school student will have help getting through college. Morris was able to raised close to the of $1000 and is still collecting donations until that goal is met.
From April 27th to May 1st, this Summit was held in different venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn and it consisted of a Hip Hop Showcase, two panel discussions , a paint and poetry session and an epic to celebrate this special occasion. image

Each event had supporters from all walks of life from the entertainment and music industry. On the last night of the summit it was where Morris paid homage to one of his inspirations and role models in this business, the legendary DWI, by thanking him for paving the way for young people of today and presented him with an award. This was also the last panel discussion/ networking event where the panelist explained to the audience how they started in this business and what keeps them motivated. The panelist consisted of Publicist Priya Williams, Entertainment Pioneer DWI, Founder of Paint and Poetry Mojo Disco, Radio Correspondent and Businessman Chad Law, Blogger, Journalist and Media Strategist Jason Borne and Motivational Speaker/ Business Owner Donna Marie. Each of these panelist moved the room during the Q&A segment and pushed the envelope on becoming better at your craft.

From left to right. DWI, Priya Williams, Mojo Dancer, Donna Marie, Chad Law and Jason Borne.

For those you missed out on this amazing event, don’t worry it’s will be back year, bigger and better. Stay tuned for updates.

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