Artist To Know: Kraze


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Good music is all that music fans want here nowadays but it seems like that’s hard to find until now. Being an avid music lover, I always tend to look for what’s hot in music whether it’s main stream or underground, and once you go looking you always tend to find it, right? A couple of days ago, I was introduced to this up and coming artist named Kraze and he is something special.
Growing up in the streets of Westland, MI,  this young artist, had a rough past struggling with drug addiction as well as selling drugs dating back to when he was 15 year’s ago. The now 26 year old has taken a different route and that was putting his pain and life story into his music. Releasing his mixtape Wazteland, it tells a story about the struggles he overcame in his life and how he’s not looking back. His star is now shining brightly for the world to see and trust me they will not be disappointed. After listening to the Wazteland mixtape and I was truly inspired by his drive and passion in each song. Take a listen and see for yourself how good it is.

Wazteland Mixtape

Krissi B. 💋

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