Cover of the week: Reggae Songstress Alaine covers Adele’s Hello


Pic Via Twitter -@Zojackworldwide

It seems like the world can’t get enough of Adele’s Hello. Since the lovely songstress released the song earlier this month, there have been a countless number of covers of this heartfelt song. One of the best covers to date comes from Reggae Songstress Alaine. Known for her hits such as Love, Loud and Clear, Sacrifice, No Ordinary Love, etc. She has made her mark with this cover. Re-releasing this song as a reggae version is a great way to show how much of an impact this song has on people across the globe. Alaine mixes her amazing vocals with her reggae roots to remake a beautiful song even more beautiful. Check it out below.

Hello Reggae Version by: Alaine

Krissi B. 💋

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