Adele is Back!!


Pic via Twitter -@Adele

Adele fans can finally rejoice because this soulful singer is back! After taking a three year hiatus, Adele surprised all of her fans when she released the teaser of her first single Hello from her upcoming album ’25’ and the surprises kept coming. Shortly after the teaser was released, the 10 time Grammy award winner released the video for ‘Hello’ featuring a very handsome Mack Wilds as her love interest. In the video, you can see Adele reminiscing about the good and bad times that took place in the relationship between the two of them. As the video debuted, social media went crazy. Fellow Brit and Grammy award winner Sam Smith wrote on his instagram account “This look @adele just made me scream like a little girl”


Pic via instagram -@samsmithworld

Adele’s comeback is bigger and better than before with this song and video, but is only the beginning. Adele has also announced that she will be releasing ’25’ on November 20th, 2015. We cannot wait for this album to drop. Adele welcome back!. For those of you who haven’t seen this amazing video, don’t worry it’s posted below. Enjoy!

Adele- Hello

Krissi B. 💋

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