Zendaya Gets Her Own Barbie Doll


Picture via Twitter

A huge congratulations are in order to Ms. Zendaya. The multi-talented superstar was honored with her own Barbie Doll thanks to Mattel. The doll’s look was inspired by Zendaya’s Oscar’s look where she wore a beautiful Vivienne Westwood gown and faux locks (fake dreadlocks). For Mattel to immortalize this look is a great way to show that they stood behind her look despite the backlash from Giuliana Ranic stating that she look like she smelled of patchouli and weed. Although many took offense to the statement, Zendaya turned that negativity in something positive and it worked out for her in the end. The doll’s was released this past Saturday in Los Angeles at the Rock n’ Royals Concert Experience, where Zendaya hosted with Mattel.

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