Billie Holiday To Return To The Apollo…. Sort of

It has been 56 years since famed Jazz singer Billie Holiday also know as ‘Lady Day’ has passed and left the music world devastated. Now many years after her death, she is set to return to the world famous Apollo Theater in New York City as a hologram. The Apollo is teaming up with Hologram U.S.A. to have Holiday become a permanent staple of the theater. According to the president of the Apollo, Billie Holiday will be able to interact with the audience by answering their questions, sing some her songs, and talk about the history of the Apollo. Being that the theater has a deal with Holiday’s estate, they are able to re-create the singer and her voice the way that it used to be as she performed in concerts. Holiday’s hologram will be created with a twist, according to CNN. Hologram U.S.A will use a technique called “Pepper Ghost” where the hologram will have pieces of ghostly images from different scene will become visible to the audience via a piece of glass. This is something that many fans of her music never thought that they will see. Billie Holiday has appeared at the Apollo more than 30 times. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for her hologram.

Strange Fruit By Billie Holiday

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