Concert Recap:I’m Writing The Future Tour


May 6th, 2015 will go down in history as one of the best days ever thanks to Paramore with special guest Copeland. The “I’m Writing The Future” tour made its way to New York City’s own Beacon Theater on Wednesday night it was absolutely beautiful from beginning to end due to how intimate and accepting both acts were with the crowd. Now if you have ever been to a Paramore concert, its usually fast paced and upbeat but this time they change a few things. To kick things off was Copeland, a band from Central Flordia, who opened the show with some great songs that have a lot of passion with a soulful sound. Each song that was performed had a story behind it as lead singer Aaron told the crowd during the band’s set. Copeland took a stroll down memory lane by performing songs from the very start of their career like Coffee and Careful Now. Copeland, to the surprise of many, have a long history with Paramore and was the reason to the jumpstart of their career. Aaron explained that when the band did a show in Tennessee, they saw a young group of teenagers rocking out a small bar that wasn’t suitable for them to be in. Nonetheless, they saw a spark in them and asked them to the opening act on their tour. Some years later the world was introduced to Paramore. Thank you Copeland. To sum up Copeland’s performance it was nothing short of amazing. The crowd was pumped and accepting of them. It was definitely a cool experience of seeing them live.
Next up was Paramore and in Paramore fashion they kicked off their performance with the song Daydreaming. They kept the upbeat tempo going until they slowed it down just a little with the song Be In Love. As the night continue, Haley (the lead singer) also shared stories about the band’s past and how blessed they were to be able to continue this journey with their fans. She also let it be known that this particular concert was going to be different because on that night it wasn’t an audience watching a band it was a family celebrating good music and having fun at the same time. Paramore performed hits like, Franklin, That’s What You Get, Decode, Still Into You, The Only Expection, Ain’t It Fun, and ended the show with the showstopping new song I’m Writing The Future. The closeing performance was something special, and heartfelt. Seeing it live will definitely take you to a peaceful place and bring tears to your eyes. This tour is something that you have to be a part of, but if you can here is a snippet of what it looks like below.

Ain’t It Fun by Paramore

The Only Exception by Paramore

~Krissi 💋💋

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