John Legend Tries To End Mass Incarceration.


The philanthropic tactics keeps rolling in John Legend’s court. The Oscar and Grammy award winner, has launced a new campaign entitles FREE AMERICA,  in an effort to put an end to Mass Incarceration in this country. This campaign will focus on Legend performing as well as visiting correctional facilities in California and Texas. The reasoning behind this campaign was brought up in an interview with Huffington Post in which John Legend states “We have a serious problem with incarceration in this country. It’s destroying families, it’s destroying communities and we’re the most incarcerated country in the world, and when you look deeper and look at the reasons we got to this place, we as a society made some choices politically and legislatively, culturally to deal with poverty, deal with mental illness in a certain way and that way usually involves using incarceration”. FREE AMERICA is not going unnoticed. It has already seen some success in California with Proposition 47 being passed. This proposition allows for lesser sentences for crimes committed such as forgery, petty theft, possession of amounts of drugs, making them misdemeanors instead of felonies. John Legend isn’t alone in this campaign, there are other artists who are supposed to join in with different performances when the campaign kicks off. John Legend is scheduled to take part in a press conference with state legislators on Thursday April 16th. Join the campaign visit FREE AMERICA .

~Krissi 💋💋

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