Alyson Stoner’s Epic Comeback


The little girl from the Missy Elliott “Work it” and “Gossip Folks” video is all grown p and making a her presence known this time around. The all grown-up dancer,first returned to the spotlight when she did a tribute dance video to Missy Elliott, but now she is making a video all for her self. The 21 year old released a video for her new single Pretty Girls, which fits right into the dominating pop/dance scene.  When asked about the song in an recent interview with Billboard , Stoner stated that the song is “about the power of beauty in culture and how women use it to get their way.” This song will be featured in Alyson Stoner’s newest movie Sugar Babies. Check out her video Pretty Girls by clicking the link below.
Pretty Girls – Alyson Stoner

~Krissi 💋💋

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