Album Review: Dawn Richard, Blackheart


Dawn Richard has done it again. The powerful songstress, formerly from Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money, released her second album “BlackHeart” on January 15th and it immediately went to number 1 on iTunes and here’s why. On this album, Richard experimented with a lot of different electro-techno sounds that makes the music and lyrical content mesh well together. On this album, you will get a very raw,dark, and vulnerable side of her, something that hasn’t been displayed on her previous projects. In an intimate music session with her fans, Dawn explained the reasoning behind naming the second installment to her trilogy BlackHeart. It is a reflection of darkness that she was going through at that time, when her father was diagnosed with lymphoma and the passing of her grandmother, but Dawn turned her tragedy into a story for everyone to listen to.


~Krissi 💋💋

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