Powerhouse Movement in the making: The Dean’s List Tour Auditions

I always express how music today isn’t the same as it was in the 90’s and that the style of music with a postitive message within lyrics needs to make its way back to inspire the kids of this and the next generation.  After being a part of history in the making this past weekend, I feel better knowing that there are artists out there that feels the same as me. This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to witness unimaginable raw talent at the Dean’s List Tour Auditions.
The Dean’s List is a tour that has been running for two years now and was created by Brooklyn’s own Scott Morris.  During the course of this tour, everyone from the participants to the behind the scenes crew gets the chance to travel to different colleges  and (starting this year different high schools), across the country to display their talent with others, from singing to rapping, to dancing, and even spoken word. Scott Morris who is a mutli-talented artist himself, came up with this idea to bring back the positive vibes that he as well as others grew up listening to, to create a balance between the “turn-up” and “positive vibes” styles in music. 
While being at the auditions, I had a chance to sit down with some of the artists and talk with about the Dean’s List Tour.  Some of the people that I interviewed such as hip-hop artists She Real, AR Stylez and dance group 908 had participated in previous tours and they expressed to me how being a part of movement like this is so motivating not only for them but also for their audiences.  I also spoke to artists who auditioned for the first time like singers Chris Demarco, Jerrra Blues and rappers Maxxx Flair and Prophecy DaFuture, who believe that their unique style of music can influence a lot of people.
There are a lot of things that I admire from being  a part of this audition process but the two main things are the fact that this artists have so much drive to come out and perform something great for others to be influenced by and that they think highly of Scott Morris and his creation of the Dean’s List Tour because it is a way to bring back something that had been missing for a long time.
There aren’t enough words to describe what Scott Morris is doing and how great he is at doing it, but I will say this he is an innovative person who will take this tour to another level. This year’s tour is going to be something that you do not want to miss. It will definitely blow your mind with the amount of raw talent that will be showcased to many across the world.

So definitely be on the look out for this Powerhouse movement in the making.

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