The Wow Moment

You never know how musically talented a musician is until you actually see them perform live. Recently I went to two concerts the first concert was Janelle Monae’s in Prospect Park and the second one was Paramore’s on Good Morning America and at the end of both of their performances the only word I could utter at that moment was “Wow”. I have been to concerts where the energy was good, audience was loving the vibe, but that wow factor wasn’t there for me, but when it comes to these two powerful females I must explain my experience.

Janelle Monae’s concert was something I went to because I knew my friend would enjoy it, but when we arrived at the venue, I was not expecting to see a massive crowd of people, feel a great deal of positive energy, and see a great show. I’ve always watched her performances on tv and I never really thought anything of it but she changed my perspective of her after that night. Her delivery to the audience was incredible, something that I have never experienced at any other concert before. She made herself comfortable with us, as we did with her. The amount of energy that was displayed throughout her entire performance was nothing short, she kept us engaged and on our toes. After that night I learned my lesson to never underestimates talent.

The Paramore concert was different in a way. I know that Paramore has a huge fan base and that they are a very talented band but that day the crowd wasn’t as big as i thought it would’ve have been, maybe it was the rain, but that didn’t stop them from putting on an incredible show for the amount of people that were there. This concert was another one that after I left I was just like wow.

Both of these performers, in my book are powerhouses for the underdogs. These women have truly amazing voices that aren’t displayed properly to the world. I know that there are people who will disagree with me about this but I believe in what I believe in and I believe in the raw and rare talent of these two performers. I would go see them in a heartbeat and I know I wouldn’t leave disappointed. It will just be another Wow moment.

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