Musically passionate

You would never know what kind of impact music can have on your life until you experience it first hand. It kills me to talk to people about music who believes that their passion about music is greater than thou just to find out that the artist or the type of music that they claim to love, has never showed not an ounce of support to what that artist present to their fans. Whether it may be buying their single, or cd, downloading the music or attending a small show or a large concert where that artist is headlining. It makes me question how passionate someone really is about music as they claim to be. There is no way you can be passionate about something if you never showed no kind of support at least once. 
The passion for music that you have would come from your first musical experience.  My first musical experience was watching Michael Jackson videos on the television with my father. I knew from the very first moment that I saw him dancing and heard him singing and harominzing perfectly with the beat and melodies of the music, that I wanted to become involved in music one way or another.  He was and still is my inspiration, and the reason on why I am so passionated about music.
Michael is the reason why I love listening to other genres of music and different kinds of artists. There is so much talent, passion and drive that stems from other genres of music but most of you will never know about it because you never opened your mind to explore it. When I hear a new song from an artist the first thing I do is listen to voice just like everyone else, but unlike others who just hears a nice voice I actually listen to the words of that song, whether it is upbeat or a ballad. The words tells us a story and most of the time music fans won’t know what that message is in that specific song because they are pleased with the fact that their favorite artist just released a new song.
I listen for the craft.
This is what intrigues me when it comes to listening to artists like Kendrick Lamar, Emeli Sande, Adele, Sam Smith, Hope, Paramore,  Janelle Monae, every one of these artists have the craft that is overlooked by many. If you was to listen to each of their songs and actually peel back the layers in the lyrics you will realize that that craft is very unique and very rare to find in a lot of artists in today’s music industry. 
That’s why I am so passionate about music because I don’t view it as another hit song on the radio I view it as a unique craft that can compel many if they showed the support as fans.

I will now on speak my mind about all things music. Stay tuned.

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